panel minimization & auto-arrange/auto-size-optimize Re: [Bf-committers] Panel auto resize bug

Luke Wenke
Mon, 20 Oct 2003 13:29:32 +1000

> Nope, the HOME key scales, and automating this will be extremely
> annoying with context switching. For example; having only 2 panels in
> view, go to editmode, and suddently have 5 panels.
Just a recap: It would look like this:
(Except it would be 2x2 since it would allow the panels to be a bit
BTW, personally I find having to adjust the panel sizes manually (or having
to collapse or combine panels) more annoying. The proposed features could be
optional anyway. (So if the auto-home thing is on, the home icon would
disappear, but if it is on, the home icon would appear)

> Or: when you collapse a few.
Yeah, my suggested features don't work very well with panel minimization,
but I think users should avoid using panel minization anyway....

Disadvantages of minimization:
1) You've got to click a little arrow - then some space is freed up
2) To use the panel again you've got to click the little arrow again
3) There is still some space taken up by the titlebar
4) Sometimes the titlebar goes vertical and only the first letter of the
title is shown (could be fixed)
5) If it is a combined panel, only the last clicked on panel title is shown
(could be fixed)

The alternative:
To "minimize" a panel, just drag it over the top of another window. There
will now be two titles in the combined panel's titlebar. To "minimize" and
"restore" the original panel just click on its title - or the other titles.
The area to click to change states is much bigger than that tiny arrow, and
you'd probably change the states a couple times. The initial dragging of the
panel takes a little effort, but if the visual feedback when combining
panels (the thickness of the border) is improved then it would be easier to
combine them. After you've combined them (not during), the panels could
auto-arrange themselves and auto-optimize the size.

> Scale really has to be fixed.
I guess for collapsing and restoring panels scale should be fixed (it could
be optional anyway)....  but otherwise, my proposed automatic features would
constantly give you the optimal size (at least as good as the user could,
and quicker too).

- Luke.