[Bf-committers] back!

Daniel Fairhead bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 2 Oct 2003 02:42:41 +0300


> Welcome back!


> Apart from the UI doc, there's no update to mention on the buttons  
> arrangement stuff. I am currently coding a generic system to divide it  
> all in 'panels' which can be freely (or automatic) configured. Defining  
> panels/groups/tabs even can be done dynamically (python, plugin). And  
> it needs to be saved in a file... and it has to be fully compatible.  
> So, quite a job!

Indeed! I look forward with great anticipation (silly phrase :-) ) to seeing

> Currently I'm quite up to speed with coding, but can't predict when I  
> can show first results for review... maybe today, maybe tomorrow!


> What I'd like from you, is the system that allows the user to define  
> colors and drawing styles for the UI. It's in Tuhopuu, right? Does it  
> also allow to define color (ranges) for other editors, like text, ipo,  
> filesel, etc?

OK. The trouble with it is that because of the way many things are
hard-coded in blender, it requires a heck of a lot of little changes
( cpack to BIF_set_color or whatever) all over the place, often in 
obscure files and functions. :-/

Defining colour-ranges should be fairly easy to add... basically just 
doing GREY, LIGHT, DARK, etc on the default background colour? The
reason I haven't coded these in yet is that (again) its all done with 
millions of scattered cpack calls needing replacing all over the place.

> Can you check if this fits to be committed in bf-blender, and verify  
> with others to get a quick code review?

I'll try and make a patch today and get it ready.