[Bf-committers] GHOST and autoconf

Douglas Bischoff bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 9 Jun 2003 13:26:27 -0400


Still pushing towards an eventual decision on whether autoconf or NAN 
makefiles are the "true way to Blender compilation," I have a question 
or three.

1) When building using the NaN makefiles, I gather that the program is 
linked against libraries present in the "lib" directory.

2) If this is true, is there a similar mechanism for the autoconf 
system? For example, GHOST. Without merging the GHOST tree with the 
Blender tree, how can one obtain a stable GHOST library and get it to 
link to the autoconf-built Blender?

3) All the talk of creating a .blender directory and moving the files 
necessary for international support, etc. are great... is ANYONE 
working on this functionality for autoconf?

I really don't object to NaN makefiles, but I just want to know if, as 
someone hoping to learn enough to contribute someday, I should forget 
autoconf and focus on NaN makefiles, or if it is okay to keep using 
autoconf because someday it will be "the way."

Thanks, sorry to keep bringing it up if y'er tired of hearing it. *grin*