[Bf-committers] Code readablity

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Fri, 6 Jun 2003 13:55:47 +0200


The imbuf_types.h is a lot better this way!
Sorry, I forgot to check loadamiga... but there's still an overload of  
comments... let the code talk itself too.

Simple lines as:

	mem = iffmem;

don't need a doxy comment:  "The memory address to the data is copied  
into mem"


	bmhd.w = 0;

"The w member of the BitMapHeader is initialized to 0 because it will  
be tested to see if it has been set later."


		if (ibuf->cmap){
			if ((flags & IB_cmap) == 0) IMB_applycmap(ibuf);

"If the image has a color map, apply it"


My suggestion is to limit adding doxy comments at a higher level, to at  
least understand what the structs or classes do, and how the module API  
calls work.

Look at what Doxy is in Ghost... I think that's not disturbing at all.  
The c-code comments are just code comments (not doxyfied) which I think  
should remain that way.

Please, also provide html doxy examples of how it would look like... I  
don't have doxy here. Or provide an example project with Doxy  
documentation you would like to use as a reference for what we should  
aim at.


On Friday, Jun 6, 2003, at 05:29 Europe/Amsterdam, Casey Corn wrote:

> Hello all,
> I've re-committed the IMB_imbuf_types.h with hopefully
> clearer docs which (hopefully) preserve the code
> readablity.
> Ton, could you please check this out to see if this is
> acceptable?  Also, I don't know if you remembered to
> check the imb_loadamiga function for readability as
> well.  I'd like some feedback (from Ton or anyone else
> who has an opinion :) ) before I start documenting
> more functions, to avoid re-work.  I'm relatively new
> to coding, so what may seem like the right amount of
> docs for me might be way overboard :) .
> Thanks!
> Casey
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