[Bf-committers] Menu Guidelines

Matt Ebb bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 15 Dec 2003 00:05:15 +1100


I've recently written up some guidelines describing the new pulldown 
menus in Blender 2.30+. I'd hoped to get this done earlier, but 
documentation's always a sticking point ;) This is of use to developers 
wanting to add new features to the menus, to the Python developers 
and/or scripters wanting to know where to put their scripts, in the 
proposed Python access to menus. It would help a lot to keep things in 
sync if people can update the menus concurrently, when they update 
space.c to add new hotkeys.

The document explains the information design of the current menu 
structure itself, through window spaces, modes, selections, and also 
the design and creation of the menu elements themselves. It is a work 
in progress, as not all of Blender's window spaces have the necessary 
menus added yet, and it's possible that some of the layout may need to 
be changed as we receive feedback from users, or find that we need to 
make room for more extensibility in certain areas.

The document is available here:

and is linked from the Documentation section of www.blender.org.

I hope to do something similar about the UI controls, whenever some 
free time is available.