[Bf-committers] CVS commit: blender/intern/action ACT_Action.h ACT_ActionC-Api.h ACT_ActionStack.h blender/intern/action/intern ACT_CallbackAction.h blender/intern/action/test/action_c_test TestAction.h blender/intern/action/test/actio

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Wed, 30 Oct 2002 13:05:29 +0100

Hi Kent,

That specific commit was with about every file in the repository, you 
really have to indicate very clearly what you do with that.

"fixed the warnings about no end of line in "blahh.h"

Is not clear.

What did you actually do? Are you sure it's not DOS text you committed?


Kent Mein wrote:
> In reply to Ton Roosendaal (ton@blender.org):
>>Who did this commit? Without even documenting it?
>>Please be aware that UNIX text should be committed. And use these 
>>guideline before a commit:
>>1. do an update, and compile & test it
>>2. do a 'cvs diff' to check if what you commit is actually what you 
>>worked at
>>3. document your commit as clear as possible; mention your NAME!
> Sorry,
> That was me and so were all of the others but one.
> I also did comment that one I don't know what the heck happened.
> (Maybe I put the comment in the comments section by accident.)
> What the comment should have said is I fixed the warnings about no
> end of line in "blahh.h"
> I also did some minor clean up of spacing.
> (delete extra spaces at the end of .h's that sort of thing)
> I'll make sure my name gets into the others :)
> Kent

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