[Soc-2010-dev] Status Report (testing-week 2)

Leif Andersen leif.a.andersen at gmail.com
Sat Jun 5 00:36:26 CEST 2010

Overall, this week went okay.  It didn't speed up unfortunately, but at
least it didn't slow down either (I think).  Several things happened this

1.  The biggest thing is that I believe I now have enough of a framework set
up to begin non-trivial tests, which I began to do today, at least in the
sense that I started tracing actual bugs, so far to no success.

2.  We decided to put GTest on hold, and perhaps drop it altogether, mainly
because it's effectiveness, given time constraints is minimal, do to how the
blender kernel works).  It's still in the codebase though, although it does
cause some rather odd errors (as in cmake has to be run twice before a
successful make will happen).

3.  The starts of a hash changer has been posted, although it's not too
integrated yet.  I was trying earlier this week to actually build a GUI for
it, which could be integrated into blender itself, but this proved futile
(thusfar), do to several lacking api calls in blender's GUI api calls.
 Still, I think it would prove valuable to add a control panel for that sort
of thing into blender itself.

4.  Actual support for cdash,  with a demo cdash created, type in make
report to send the results of the tests to the public cdash:
http://my.cdash.org/index.php?project=Leif-Blender hopefully, we can set up
Blender's own Cdash for this sort of thing at something like

5.   Removed the superfluous hashtests folder, and integrated it right into
pyunit, the tests still exist in there.

6.   Removed the binary directory's dependence on the source directory for
running tests, it will now work just fine without the source directory.

7.  Created a howto page, in order to help people set up and run the code:

8.  Got an account at graphical, and started uploading pre-build binaries,
and linking to them from the howto page.  Currently though, it's only for
64-bit linux.  I'm planning on uploading 32-bit linux shortly, and hoping
Andrea will upload a windows build.  If anyone also is willing to make a mac
build (partially to see if it works), that would be helpful.

Currently, my plans for next week consists of bug-squashing on
projects.blender.org.  In particular, I intend to create pyunit based unit
tests to aid in bug tracking, and while doing that, begin to make a nice
little suite of regression tests, to ensure that those same bugs don't crawl
back.  Also, most of the tests are still in bpy.data, in intend to do a lot
more with bpy.ops next week.  I also hope to spare a little time for gtest,
but I won't give it more than a few hours (less than a day's worth of time),
in order to see if we can salvage it, or at least leave it there as part of
a framework for building larger tests in the future.

~Leif Andersen

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