[Soc-2009-dev] Google SoC Students/Mentors

Chris Want cwant at ualberta.ca
Mon Apr 20 22:45:54 CEST 2009

Hi all,

Congratulations to the successful Summer of Code

We have some time before the Summer of Code program
officially starts for the year, but in the meantime
I thought it would be useful to get the mailing lists,
etc., in place, and also to send a "ping" to the
students to make sure that there aren't any
communication issues that should be solved sooner
rather than later.

As you can tell, I've subscribed you to a Summer of
Code mailing list that we'll use through out the
summer -- more about this list here:


Three other mailing lists that you are very strongly
advised to subscribe to are the Blender development
list, the Blender 2.5 taskforce,  and the Blender cvs
list (sorry, you have to subscribe yourself):


Commit log mails for Summer of Code go to the (poorly
named) bf-blender-cvs mailing list mentioned above.

If you don't have a p.b.o (projects.blender.org) account,
please sign up for one and send your username to this list.
If you already have an account, please send your username:


Another resource is irc: most of the mentors visit
#blendercoders channel on irc.freenode.net.

Here are some IRC handles of some of the SoC mentors and
some other helpful developers:

Ton Roosendaal - kaito
Martin Poirier - theeth
Brecht von Lommel - brecht
Campbell Barton - ideasman_42
Nathan Letwory - jester[King,Dad]
Matt Ebb - broken
Joe Eagar - joeedh
Ken Hughes - khpylon
Jean-Luc Peuriere - lukep
Daniel Genrich - gencher
Geoff Bantle - Briggs
Andrea Weikert - elubie
Kent Mein - sirdude
Benoit Bolsee - ben2610
Erwin Coumans - erwin_bullet
Chris Want - cwant

We have weekly coding meetings in the #blendercoders
channel on Sundays at 16:00 CEST (14:00 GMT,
08:00 MST, 07:00 PST -- if your time zone isn't
listed, please try to figure out the meeting time).

There are also development forums on 'w.b.o'
(http://www.blender.org/) and Blender Artists

As part of my "ping" to the students, this would also
be a good time to get some information from you, so
if you have a moment sometime this week could you please
send a mail to this list saying "Hi", and answering
the following questions:

* Have you every used subversion before?
* What OS do you use for development?
* What compiler do you use?
* Have you built the blender sources before?
* Do you have an IRC nickname?
* What is your p.b.o username? (see above)
* Feel free to include any other info you think
it might be useful to share.

Again, congratulations to the students, and many
thanks to those who have agreed to be mentors, and
also thanks to those other interested parties who
have helped evaluate proposals.

More to come later ...


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