[Blend2cs-user] Examples

Gregor Mückl blend2cs-user@blender.org
Tue, 2 Dec 2003 00:24:03 +0100

Am Montag, 1. Dezember 2003 13:24 schrieb Frank W. Samuelson:
> Perhaps.  When this project was started blender python plugin support was
> absent in certain areas (mainly in armatures and animations).  

When I started out with this tool in about March/April 2002 (well, actually in 
it's early stages this tool did export into a format used by my own tiny, 
unfinished engine; the change to the CS formats came much later), blender's 
python interface was very crippled compared to it's current state and 
documentation about it was virtually nonexistent.

At that time I've already struggled to write an exporter in python, but was 
not successfull. I've been in contact with the guy at NaN responsible for the 
python interface and would have given him feedback on a new, extended python 
API. However, NaN went bankrupt before I could respond. At that time I 
assumed that blender would not be developed further and concentrated on 
working on blendconv.

Since then things have changed. I'm no longer interested in blend2cs myself. 
And I've written another fairly complete exporter for static meshes entirely 
in python by now (it exports to a format usable with OGRE). And the current 
python interface is easily extended, if need arises.

Bottom line: Since blender became open source things have changed much. The 
SDNA parser is a pain in the ass more than anything else by now. Blender's 
python interface can satisfy virtually any need you might have. Only drawback 
of switching - it has been mentioned before - is that most work has gone into 
this C/C++ code, which also does a decent job by now.

Unfortunately rewriting a program from scratch can make a lot more effort than 
keeping an existing, but somewhat poor, implementation running.