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Mike Erwin significant.bit at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 02:37:31 CEST 2016

Hi Carlo,
I'm a big cheerleader for wireframes in Blender's future, and have ideas &
working code to make them better.

When people say "no more wireframes!!" I translate that to really mean
let's not use simplified drawing due to computer limitations. 3D software
used to use wireframes or flat shading or Gouraud shading for performance
reasons. Those *reasons* are obsolete but the techniques are just tools in
our toolbox. In 2016 it's really true that the machine can draw whatever we
need at an acceptably quick pace, so we can shift focus to what needs to be
shown (and how should it be shown) for a given task. Sometimes, as you
point out, the most useful visuals *are* pure wireframes.

On Wednesday, September 28, 2016, Carlo Andreacchio <carlo at convergen.com.au>

> Hi all, nice work with laying the framework for the viewport development.
> I have a little bit of feedback on the blog post.
> > Groundbreak to illustrate how wireframes are a poor choice for some (if
> not all) tasks
> I understand that this is under the character modelling part of the
> document, however there was no other area for modelling.
> Underneath under shading section of the blog post, I do not see a pure
> wireframe mode, there is solid wireframe overlays, and depth wires (which I
> assume is wireframe mode but it clips off the wires behind it from the
> faces). Removing wireframe mode hinder the experience of a archviz /
> infrastructure viz artist.
> Wireframe is essential for tracing out images / pdfs which contain plans
> (of buildings / roads / pathways etc.etc.etc). In an ideal world the plans
> would be all in vector formats, but from real world deliveries, most of the
> time they are flattened pdfs.
> In addition to plan modelling, we also sometimes receive models created by
> automatic means (lidar / dem / etc.etc.etc), and sometimes models from
> programs that do not export nicely. These models usually come with internal
> faces, overlapping faces and other craziness which is not blenders fault.
> Wireframe is essential to cleaning up these meshes in preparation for use
> for render.
> Talking with our other artists, they all agree that its great that blender
> is trying to change up the workflow & excited for the new options they are
> suggesting, but wireframe mode is a modelling essential for archviz.
> It would be great to get the developer's thoughts on this and keep the
> discussion open.
> Kind Regards
> Carlo

Mike Erwin
musician, naturalist, pixel pusher, hacker extraordinaire
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