[Bf-translations-dev] i18n maintenance is on hold

Bastien Montagne montagne29 at wanadoo.fr
Thu Mar 28 21:25:57 CET 2013

Hi fellow devs and translators,

 From now on (at least until the situation has be clarified in one way 
or the other), I won't be doing any i18n maintenance anymore, as I was 
clearly asked by bl_ui (python ui code) owner to not touch this code 
anymore for i18n topics. I do not understand this reaction, but this 
obviously makes all further work in this matter worthless (you can't 
keep enhancing something by being only able to work on half of the 
stuff), py ui code is a nest for ambiguous and problematic messages (as 
they are usually very short).

I will obviously keep doing the weekly updates of translation files 
(po's), and finish the development of the new py tools, as this at least 
won't crush anyone's toes (and yes, I'm aware related docs are outdated, 
so have to dedicate some time to those as well).

Now the core question behind this is: if I have to ask permission to 
module owners each time I have to touch their code to fix a translation 
issue, I clearly consider this not OK. Chasing those issues already 
takes time, if I additionally have to always explain why I do this, and 
wait for the answer… just not worth the effort. Put in other words, I 
consider i18n a module on its own, for which I think I can claim some 
experience after one year and a half and hundreds of hours spent on it. 
If it is rather considered as a subset of ui module, I would rather see 
its ownership taken back by ui owner, that's all.

I hope I made my point of view clear, without offending anyone. I just 
want the status of i18n to be clarified, so that I can decide whether I 
keep working on it, or if I switch to some other, less frustrating and 
more funny area of code.

With best regards,
Bastien Montagne (aka mont29)

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