[Bf-funboard] Request: Make "Geometry > Step Size" separate viewport configuration abailable

YAFU yafulinux at gmail.com
Tue Jun 27 00:58:10 CEST 2017

When you use the same GPU for display and render, heavy volumetric scenes
can make the Blender interface completely unusable (or very hard to use)
while you previewing on viewport, to the point that sometimes I have had to
force Blender close (kill app). Then with the default 0.1 value in
"Geometry > Step Size" it is very difficult to preview the scene in
viewport while you try to continue working inside Blender. But if you
increase to a relatively large value in "Geometry > Step Size" (1 - 5 or
even 10), you get a much better response in interface and viewport while
rendered view, and the quality of volumetrics is still good and enough for
preview purposes.

So for practical purposes, it would be very useful/handy to have two
different configurations of "Geometry > Step Size" , one for viewport and
one for final render.

Thank you for reading!

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