[Bf-funboard] Append Asset (by Drag&Drop) via File Browser Editor

mond at email.cz mond at email.cz
Tue Jun 20 15:13:14 CEST 2017

Would it be possible to append (or link) assets directly from "File Browser" editor?
(I'm speaking about "File Browsers" that can be choosen as a part of a screen layout.)

Current "File Browser" editor let you browse, and thanks to Ton (a few years back) we can drag&drop images, that's seems to me quite limited from perspective what can be append or linked from blend files.

Since there already exists "asset manager" inside blender with generated previews, would be great workflow use one editor as "File Browser" in screen layout, so we can browse in assets and simply drag drop asset (objects, node trees, materials ...) from window to 3d view. See mockup.


Seems to me like all code parts (in general) are in blender already, just enabled them in "File Browser", right? Is here someone that knows how magic can happen?
Thanks for your opinion 

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