[Bf-funboard] Lattice shortcomings

Ilja Razinkov razinkov at gmail.com
Mon Jul 31 11:45:43 CEST 2017

I`m using lattice a lot and this is a helpful tool (still much better
that mesh deform), but there is some shortcomings. Without them
lattice can be even more useful

- Lattice support all kind of modifiers, BUT there is not way to
"Apply" them. Nor directly (changing vertices) nor as shape key.
Buttons are here,  but they not working (giving Can`t apply to this
type of object error)

- Lattice supports Mesh deform modifier, but do not support Surface
deform. It`s a pity, since Surface deform is really helpful in some
cases and cannot be easily substituted with other means

- Lattice are not editable via Python. At least when i tried to make
lattice clone (clone of lattice, deformed with softbody modifier) -
script were not able to get "real" vert positions, only undeformed
ones. And script were not able to change verts of newly created
lattice too, throwing error.
May be script solution to mimic "apply modifier" is possible - than
any advise welcome

Thanks for Blender, anyway, its great!

Sincerely, Razinkov Ilja

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