[Bf-funboard] International unit support for default / min / max values

stephen leger stephen at 3dservices.ch
Thu Jul 20 18:18:58 CEST 2017


When working with "real-world" sized models, hardcoded default values may only match either SI or Imperial.

Yep and what's the issue ?
An object wih default in 1m SI should make 3.281 foots at creation time, so overall size remains constant across system units. Currently this is not the case.
This will only apply to Float/FloatVector property with "LENGTH" type set.

There is two way to handle this properly:

1 Blender's property side (preferred one).
In order to natively solve such issue we should have a default unit setup as per addon basis / or by property, and convert default/min/max values according on read.

Without either setting for units or scene unit system set, conversion can safely be skipped.
Should not impact performance as it's only apply on read.

2 Python side.
Hacks to handle such conversions on the python side require adding a multiplier variable on every default values and wont dynamically work on unit change as default values are not set at runtime.

Proposed workarround: 
adding get_default / min / max callbacks to handle this dynamically on python side at runtime.

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