[Bf-funboard] floating windows don't stay on top!

Alberto Torres kungfoobar at gmail.com
Thu Sep 26 10:02:34 CEST 2013

I think non-overlapping windows is the best way to have things arranged.
That said, Blender has a serious problem with that: it's too cumbersome to
make changes to that structure. You can't just move an area, you have to
join and split back separate areas (remove and recreate), and very
frequently you have to move several boundaries when it would be much better
if you can "push" all at once.


2013/9/26 david j <davidj at gmail.com>

> These diatribes are not helping anything. Nobody said blender will never
> have overlapping windows.. It has preferences as a separate window.
> I specifically asked for clarification about which type of always-on-top is
> being requested... A, b, or c?
> I also asked what the detailed use case is. What do you want to put in the
> always on top window?
> There is no way to consider or implement a feature with the vague
> descriptions which have been described so far.
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