[Bf-funboard] Genetic Algorithm approach

Alain LIORET alainlioret at wanadoo.fr
Mon Mar 16 22:45:40 CET 2009

Very happy that you are interested by the project...and Genetic 

Yes, I have begin to make some pieces of code (prototype in Python until 

You can see my web site (under construction) at : www.alainlioret.com

I'm very interested by your idea...Perhaps we can work together ?
(I'm not a very good programmer in C language...but I think Blender should 
have modules for GA, GP, NN and so on....
(did you see the works of Matthew Lewis in Maya ? Very, very exciting...)

All good C Blender Developers are welcome for this project



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> Just read it.  Great work.
> Side note #1:  I get the mail-list by digest; when I reply to one
> thread, it always creates a new thread (in the archives).  Are there
> instructions on this?
> Side note #2:  I had searched the site for 'Genetic Algorithm' and
> 'Genetic', but it didn't turn up.  Apparently, the search doesn't dig
> into .pdf.  Can you change the teaser to include 'Genetic Algorithm'?
> Side note #3:  I think all the links in the .pdf are to your hard-drive
> instead of a website.  When I use the text of the link, it works.
> Looks Great!  I last studied GA in about 95.  It hasn't changed much
> since then, but I'm glad to see some new libraries available.  I'll
> have to research them more soon.
> Have you already started any coding and/or architecture work?
> It might be best to take this discussion elsewhere if we are going to
> have a large volume of noise.  Do you have a web site or wiki devoted
> to GA and NN work?  I could host a small page, maybe even a wiki, but I
> don't have a lot of authentication flexibility with my ISP.
>> Hey, Wonderful !
>> Have you read my presentation at Blender Conf 2008 ?
>> (see http://www.blender.org/community/blender-conference/proceedings/
>> my PDF about :
>> Alain Lioret: An Artificial Intelligence Nodes module inside Blender
>> for expert modeling, texturing, animating and rendering.
>> ....
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