[Bf-funboard] Vert as a star

Roger hovergo at net-tech.com.au
Fri Mar 13 04:42:05 CET 2009

jgray at grayengineers.com wrote:
> *blush*  I re-read the 'more info on this list...' link.  I see that it 
> does have a quick blurb about what the list is for.  So when I said 
> "this one included", I was wrong.
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Hi there
Thanks for the message, I've just about given up making suggestions, its not 
worth the effort to be told off because someone doesn't like what or how one 
said something.
I would love a contact point where one could simply make a suggestion and over 
time similar suggestions could be indexed to guage necessity or otherwise.
Per your other email,
As you are interested in fences, roads, cars and much other similar stuff may I 
suggest you get in touch with the Blendopoils forum. We are developing a 
showcase of a community where each contributor would ave a "block of land" road 
access and much else upon which to contribute and display their works in games mode.
Games mode was chosen to reduce down load time for slow computers and provide 
the way for viewers to "drive along roads, have a look into houses and present 
ideas for development.
Blendopolis has stalled since xmas due to some intensive development work on the 
engine and location methods but you would be more than welcome to get in touch 
and discuss.

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