[Bf-funboard] Vert as a star

jgray at grayengineers.com jgray at grayengineers.com
Thu Mar 12 01:21:33 CET 2009

Frankly, I have a great deal of sympathy for Roger.  I spent roughly an 
hour trying to find where to submit feature ideas.  The first place I 
found, said to add a note to a wiki page.  But the wiki was restricted 
to registered developers.  And then there are the forums.  There are 
hints that there is a forum for feature requests, but it can't be 
found.  The mailing lists (this one included) have little or no 
guideline pages.  A simple link at the top of the archive pages could 
take us to a page that describes what messages belong in the mailing 
list and what doesn't.

I did finally find a reference to a different website that may or may 
not be useful.  The site looks great; it's well organized and easy to 
use.  But I don't know yet whether any of the core developers ever look 
at it:


Actually, that's a link to the feature idea I posted (NOTE:  I intend 
to do this development myself).  I did find a note that one of the 
far-future development ideas is to add a GA for textures.  But my 
intent is quite a bit more ambitious:  textures, fields, roads, fences, 
shrubs, trees, shacks, maybe even people, houses, cars, etc.

As I mentioned, I can't find any guidelines.  Is this a good place to 
discuss new development?

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