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El mar, 21-04-2009 a las 16:08 +0200, Stefan Andersson escribió:
> Hi All
> Comming from a XSI/maya background I have a few questions that I hope
> someone could answer for me, or point to some tutorials or documents.
> * weight painting
> It seems that skinning/envelop seems a bit different than in any other
> packages I've been using. And while there are some really beginners
> tutorials, they only use really basic characters as an example, and
> it's difficult to apply those method to a more complex character.
> Using skinning to rig a face for instance (eyelids, expressions, etx.)

1. Create a Mesh
2. Create a Armature/Rig
3. Adjust Rig to mesh
4. Select Mesh and Select Rig (this order)
5. CTRL+P -> Armature -> Create from Bone heat.
6. See problems on skinning, if not ok, clear parent/modifiers and
repeat 3#
7. if i have tiny problems in skinning, i go to Weight Paint Mode and
correct all glitches.

In Weight Paint Mode, press N key for panel tool.
Try to use the useful modes of the brushes. (add, sub, mix, blur, etc)

> * bone_preserve_volume
> A script I've found with the BBB characters. And I think this one
> would become very handy when rigging fat characters, but I have no
> idea on how to use it.
> Anyhow, I hope someone could point me in the right direction so that I
> could start transfering my rigged characters from XSI to blender.

I dont know how, but it s possible with  pyconstraints.

> best regards
> stefan andersson
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