[Bf-funboard] Named Layers

David Bryant aceone at bellsouth.net
Sat Oct 13 11:11:20 CEST 2007

This train is not going to stop even if my code isn't accepted.I need it 
personally and I love Blender.
I'm going to keep updating my patches though.It's currently at revision 2.
3 will be uploaded Monday.I'm steamlining all of these layer buttons in 
Blender and consolidating portions of the
present system's UI.Blender's layer system is all over the place.
The reason I'm designing the system as I go is because I'm not just a coder 
I'm an modeler
and technical director.I've seen too many times how coders make design 
decisions without regard to an artist's
workflow.If you want to know what an artist needs, shouldn't you ask the 
If you want to know what animators need shouldn't you ask the animators?
Functionality and workflow go hand in hand.The goal of all UI is to be as 
user friendly as possible to the people that use it.
Oftentimes,features are so complex to handle in production, it almost 
defeats the purpose of having the feature in the first place.
If you've ever worked with Houdini, it's a powerful application (more 
powerful than Maya) but it's UI is a massive headache.
Nevercenter's Silo modeler (which I use),is a good example of an application 
that considers such things as an artist's workflow.

Click here,click there,click everywhere just doesn't get it. 

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