[Bf-funboard] Named layers

antont at kyperjokki.fi antont at kyperjokki.fi
Sat Oct 13 11:34:29 CEST 2007

> This train is not going to stop even if my code isn't accepted.I need it 
> personally and I love Blender.

great. i don't remember where it was and regarding which project, but saw some 
article once arguing that we should not be too afraid of forks. perhaps it is 
true for Blender too.

> If you want to know what an artist needs, shouldn't you ask the 
> artist? If you want to know what animators need shouldn't you ask the '
> animators? Functionality and workflow go hand in hand.

of course. afaik that has always been the main principle of Blender 
development: artist workflow is the king. that is why Ton organized the Orange 
project, and now Peach: to have immediate feedback from usage in a studio, 
like he had during the NeoGeo times etc. too. of course being open to usage 
experiences from everywhere else too.

so i don't think there is a debate of such principles, and i don't see where 
you comment is coming from, as the reponses here have been more about workflow 
and not much about software architecture or something like that.

i started to get an svn checkout etc. to this mac so could apply and build, 
perhaps to show in the session tomorrow. saw there were positive comments on 
graphicall but only a win32 build(?) and we don't have that OS available now 
(/me looks around in the conference workshop room to be proven wrong, but 
isn't yet)


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