[Bf-funboard] Improve the Blender for CG movie Pre-production

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I'm so sorry for my poor english .But I like the blender ,I want to do something to make it better.
Improve the Blender for CG movie Pre-production
The pre-production contain the idea/scritp/dialogue dub/2D design/2D story board/2D animated story board and etc. how to improve the blender for the pre-production?
Idea/script/2D design: 
  I think we need a picture node and a text node to do it.The picture node is diffrent from the image node ,it can be zoom to it's full size.And the text node like a text editor ,you can edit the text in the text node easily.The pic node and the text node can be grouped as a script node or design node, and each node can be move in the group freely.The group can be save as a new format or still in blender.For example, we can use the pic note and the text node to make a stand script ,and then save it as a script templet.We click the picture node ,then the blender will open the image paint window to modify the picture.we click the charactor name in the scriptnode ,the blender will open the a script node or design node with the same node.
2D painter: 
  How to make the blender image paint like the gimp or the PS? Now we can paint a image using the blender paint tools and we can give the image some effect by the blender composite nodes.but what is the difference between the blender painter and the general image editor? I think it is the selection tools,draw shap tools and the layers. we need them . we can draw the seletion in the image editor window and set the paratemer in the node window. By the way ,the selection tools and the draw shape tools can be used as the mask tools in the NLE.
Dialogue dub: 
  We need the sound recorder feature ,more formats and some basic effect by using the sound effect plugins.some basic operation--copy/cut/delete.
2D story board/2D animated story board:
  Maybe we can add the storyboard image sequence as a import type. each storyboard in the sequence can be control as a single sequence,at the same time the storyboard sequence is the whole . and the overlay title is very helpful,maybe we can add a title panel for it.In the panel we can add the addon overlay information for the sequence or the image and we can control the information 's position on the image.andthen we can add a alone dialogue track for the dialogue title.(The overlay text contain the two types:the overlay information and the dialogue.The text node will be used as a overlay title).We also need a powerful image browser to view the storyboard image.
Improve the Blender for CG movie project managerment
Improve the Blender for Game engine
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