[Bf-funboard] rvk1 to rvk2 change funtionality?

Campbell Barton cbarton at metavr.com
Tue Jan 30 12:38:48 CET 2007

While looking at the mesh "rvk1 to rvk2" script Im thinking the 
functionality could be changes.

Current method of operation

- 2 mesh objects need to be selected
- Both mesh objects must have the same number of verts (and for usefull 
results they need to be aligned - basicly a copy of the same mesh in 
most cases)
- Data is copied from the active mesh to the other selected mesh.
- a shape key is added to the non active mesh

I was thinking this is quite a lot to know
(deals with object selections in editmode)
Its also odd that the object that has its data modified is not the mesh 
in editmode.

Could it be simplified to "New ShapeKey from Deformed" - only deal with 
1 object.
so the editmesh gets a new shapekey from its deformation (hooks, 
armature, lattice etc)
  - Seems easier to understand, and possibly more useful too.

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