[Bf-funboard] snap / align improvements in blender 2.43?

Bassam Kurdali bkurdali at freefactory.org
Mon Jan 15 23:19:13 CET 2007

> but I felt quite stupid doing this ;)
> Seriously, shouldn't a professional software like Blender have
> basic features like that?
> You will say yes, but why don't all the coders out there
> understand the urgent need for it?

quite simply because there are a host of "urgently needed" features and
snapping hasn't risen to the top yet of the developers and user
wishlist- architectural work in blender is not the heaviest segment of
it's user base, and, at least so far, it seems that most if not all the
users clamoring for snapping features like you describe belong in that
segment; other users have different priorities - snapping is not very
high on most of them (It's not very high on mine, at least), though yes,
it could be useful for certain things.

That being said, Martin is actively coding snapping features into
blender right now- so I don't see the need for all this wailing and
gnashing of theeth--err teeth ;).

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