[Bf-funboard] making inputs of some nodes resolution independent

Kai Kostack kaikostack at gmx.net
Wed Nov 15 07:21:36 CET 2006


i'd like to make another - easier - suggestion besides my breakable softbodies request. ;)

for pixel based nodes in the node editor ("blur" and "translate" at
least), it would be useful, if they could also use percentage values of
the frame size as input factors, instead of just pixels. the final image
shouldn't change with a different resolution, in my opinion.

let's take a blur node setup for example. assumed a render resolution
of 640x480, you'd like to have a blur factor of 64x64 pixels. now i think,
it would be better to enter just 10% for x and y, instead of 64 pixels.
the base of the percentage value could be the longer coordinate
(in this case x with 640) for best accuracy.

1. lowres pre-renders could be done with always the correct
(z-based depth of field) blur factor.
2. re-rendering of a whole movie in a different resolution,
for example in high definition at a later time, could be done without
editing and recalculating every node setup in every scene of the movie,
to just keep the look... and this would be necessary with pixel values.

to save backward compatiblity, all pixel inputs of old blends could be
calculated to percentage values automatically, i think.

maybe that's something to take into consideration. :)

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