[Bf-funboard] IPO window Face lift

Konrad Haenel public at konrad-haenel.de
Mon Aug 22 13:15:50 CEST 2005

When grabbing the dots is the problem a higher mouse-sensitivity might 
be the cure. I've done several animation-projects by now and the thought 
of bigger IPO-verts never even crossed my mind. Don't the verts react to 
pointer-proximity? You don't really have to hit the vertex exactly, 
being closest to the one you're aiming for is good enough. There were 
several other things I'd like to have improved on the IPO-window, but it 
surely isn't the way it displays things. In fact, I like it's 
minimalistic approach, it's clarity has it's own beauty.

Ewout wrote:

> Konrad Haenel wrote:
>> Ever seen the butt-ugly interface of Maya? That's how the pro's work, 
>> 'cause they really don't give a sh|+ about what an app looks like as 
>> long as it get's the job done. Features are important, and an 
>> interface has to display data the clearest possible way, but that's 
>> about it.
> it's not only the features, it's the ease of using the features 
> aswell... If grabbing tiny dots is hard and makes the task slow, then 
> I'm 100% sure the "pro's" (what's up with that anyway?) would like to 
> see bigger dots.
> Ever talked to pro's about Maya? Never heard them complain?!?
> Ewout
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