[Bf-funboard] Feature Request: 3D Window locked on Active Object

alex alex at schnittenparadies.de
Mon Aug 22 03:50:21 CEST 2005

On Sun, 21 Aug 2005, malefico andauer wrote:

> Hi,
> When dealing with many characters walking around, it's
> sometimes desirable to
> be able to quickly check facial expression, or another
> corporal gesture
> all the time during animation playback.
> For this purpose, it would be extremely useful to be
> able to have a 3D view
> permanently centered on our character/object, as it
> would be with the "." key,
>  no matter what traslations the character/object might
> suffer.

I once had exactly this feature in instinctive-blender. Couldn't
find too many real uses for it, so I ditched it... But seems
like some might consider it useful :)

To take away your worries: It's pretty trivial to code :)

alex at schnittenparadies.de

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