[Bf-funboard] Feature Request: 3D Window locked on Active Object

Konrad Haenel public at konrad-haenel.de
Mon Aug 22 03:47:51 CEST 2005

AFAIK this feature is already implemented in Softimage and deemed really 
Just another small thing that might ease work for the busy animator. Is 
anybody willing to make a collection of small but cool ideas for Blender 
which are supposedly easy to implement?

malefico andauer wrote:

>When dealing with many characters walking around, it's
>sometimes desirable to 
>be able to quickly check facial expression, or another
>corporal gesture 
>all the time during animation playback.
>For this purpose, it would be extremely useful to be
>able to have a 3D view 
>permanently centered on our character/object, as it
>would be with the "." key,
> no matter what traslations the character/object might
>It would be like having the view from a camera
>parented to the character/
>object, but with the advantage of letting you
>manipulate the view around 
>the character. 
>Orbiting around object should work exactly the same
>way as it does during 
>animation playback, so the animator could rotate the
>view around the 
>moving object to check evey aspect of it.
>A 3D window set like this would work like a constant
>monitoring of the selected object.
>Suggested workflow is like this:
>- Mouse over desired 3D window
>- Select object to be monitored.
>- Click on 3D window special button to lock view on
>selected (active) object. Alternatively, it could be
>used the View Properties panel to type in the name of
>the object to be monitored in this particular 3D
>Perhaps it might be easy to code this in Python,
>though I believe it would be easier to use as a
>built-in feature.
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