[Bf-funboard] how about a physic engine?

bürgi pat_buergi124 at gmx.de
Sat Nov 20 16:07:43 CET 2004

I'm thinking of an physic engine for blender,
where you can add forces, as new objects, like [SPACE]>[ADD]>[FORCE],
or perhaps even a new physic mode, like "object mode" or "pose mode" a 
"phsic mode",
where you can add and modifie forces, speeds, etc. everything, ok you 
also need new
properties in material buttons, for static friction or dynamic friction, 
or other physic relevant
properties. A collision detection, like in the gameengine, may also not  
be missing.
OK and if you're ready with adding forces etc. Blender calculates the 
positon and shape, etc.
of the objects for you, perhaps as ipo curves.
I tested a few thing with python scripts, but i'm not very successful 
till now, perhaps you have
some ideas.

What do you think about this idea, ok i guess you're not very enthused 
about this idea,
but i only want to her a few opinions, cause this topic is a long dream 
of me as an
enthusiastic young physicist.
But I know, blender is a 3d-tool, but if there is a game engine, why no 
physic engine.

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