[Bf-funboard] More layer-states?

alex alex at schnittenparadies.de
Tue Nov 2 13:28:39 CET 2004

On Tue, 2 Nov 2004, Konrad Haenel wrote:

> Hi there,
> while working on a scene today I started missing another feature:
> How about more layer-states than visible/invisible ?
> I normally store my light-setup in a seperate layer. One reason is that I 
> will hardly have to work on it anymore once I got it finished and the other 
> is that all these lights really clutter the screen and I'm glad I can get rid 
> of them. But I always have to remember to reactivate the light-layer before 
> rendering some test-image. Don't ask me how how often I forget to do this and 
> I get senseless renderings from this workflow. This got me thinking:
> Wouldn't it be nice if I could set a layer invisible yet renderable? This 
> might come in handy in many situations. Whenever I have to finetune some 
> object/animation but want to render it together with elements which are 
> stored on other layers I'd use this.
> Perhaps CTRL-clicking on layer-buttons could be used to set the 
> "renderable"-state.


this is all part of iblender2's Layer Manager, which will be available
in Blender 2.36 with all probability.

Here is the old documentation:


Additional features nowadays are RenderAlways (always renders a layer
regardless of visibility) and Locked (non-modifyable layer contents).

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