[Bf-funboard] Texture baker

Campbell Barton bf-funboard@blender.org
Tue, 27 Jul 2004 11:29:36 +1000

I havce written a script to bake blenders vert painted radiosity back 
into a UV image.

The problem with baking a procedural texture back into an image is that 
it could only work if the procedural texture uses UV mapping (not 
commony done)
Otherwise the change in position of teh face would mess up what part of 
texture was applied to it.

If sombody wants I could modify the script to bake-textures into an 
image (UV coords only) - Defult texture coords (Flat,sphere, quad etc) 
are quite arbetry anyway, the user could just select teh object and 
apply Sphere/Cylinder UV Mapping to it.

- Cam

trip wrote:

>>> There's one thing that it would be useful for, if you could export 
>>> procedural textures to a UV mapped image. This can be good for 
>>> painting UV image maps, but using procedurals first to visualise how 
>>> it will turn out. It's hard to explain, a better pictorial 
>>> description is in the bump mapping section of this excellent 
>>> texturing tutorial for Maya: 
>>> http://www.3dm-mc.com/tutorials/maya/texturing.
>> This I agree with wholeheartedly. What an outstanding way to get 
>> texturing started! The ability to unwrap a procedural, with any 
>> vertex painting, would be fantastic.
>> Not sure if this can be done in Python? Either way is there any 
>> thought on how this might be done?
> All I know of is that python has some rendering ties now, so if it 
> could do a quick unwrap render and save load all automated that would 
> suffice for now. Otherwise a way for python to interact with the 
> shaders somehow.
> I dont know , but I am sure it will take some math stuff. Prove me 
> wrong! :D
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