[Bf-funboard] Re: Editbuttons/Viewbuttons proposal

bf-funboard@blender.org bf-funboard@blender.org
Sun, 27 Jul 2003 22:04:03 +0200

I always felt that the view buttons were rather odd!
The constant blank menu when the menu is accessed NON via the shortcuts
felt like a mistake! Why show the view button at all if its not needed?
It should disappear just like the buttons in it! I would propose
transferring the [grid, lens, background picture etc] buttons to a pop-up 
which is accessed by means of a button on the toolbar of the 3Dviewport.
this would make more sense and be imo a lot more consistent. After all
that's what most of the buttons on that toolbar do! It would also be
easier to find for newbies who haven't grasped most of the hotkeys yet!
I guess we need Ton to tell us why it was originally designed that way.
Maybe I'm missing something!
I like Roel's proposal for the view buttons. I would also suggest adding
layer options there too. Here's my proposal. please note that this is
Roel's image edited. Posted with permission. Thanks Roel!
I would also propose adding a 'ghost layer option' but this only came to
mind now. Maybe could be combined with the lock layer option.

Sorry if this message gets here twice but I just realised that I sent the 
other one from a different email address than the one I'm registered
with! Can use this email with some messing about though so hopefuly this
will work! ;oP
Moderator feel free to delete the other message! Contents are the same as 
above! Thanks

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