[Bf-funboard] U.I.

Landis Fields bf-funboard@blender.org
Wed, 23 Jul 2003 17:53:46 -0000


Thank you for your prompt response! Excellent points. However, unless 
something was done incorrectly to begin with, I never request for a 
replacement. What do I mean by this? What I am saying is that there are 
always a number solutions to every problem, none of which are 
neccessarily "wrong or right". This philosophy is the whole basis of my 
upcoming 3D World tutorial. It is up to [b]each of us[/b] to decide on the 
most [i]practical[/i] answer.....each of us....[b]not all[/b]. The methods I 
proposed are [i]options[/i]. All of them allow for you as the user to choose 
which one you are more comfortable with.[i]This[/i] is the reason that [i]I
[/i] like Blender, its ability to allow the user to display any aspect of 3D 
information in any window at any time. Everyone obviously has their own 
personal preferences. I have multiple monitors for example so that I can be 
doing as many things at once as possible in order to maximize my overall 
productivity. [i]I[/i] feel that it would be very beneficial to display the 
information held in the buttons window on another monitor all together. Now, 
it does not [i]have[/i] to be tabs piled on top of one another because I 
explained that the information would be organized in a manner dependent upon 
the window size. If you grab the bottom corner of the "un-docked buttons 
window" and drag, the tabs will automatically spread themselves out, 
ultimately looking exactly like they do now (an elongated rectangular 
window). Again, the docking window feature is an option and does not have to 
be utilized, although, it can be extremely beneficial if used correctly. 

In terms of the shaded toolbar, it [i]is[/i] in fact nothing more than a 
cosmetic suggestion, although, the grayscaling of unselected tabs is very 
neccesary to streamline or, more accuratley, "de-clutter" the buttons window. 
All of those different colors are unnecessary. This is one of the reasons why 
I too feel this aspect of Blender (and probably the only aspect) looks 
unprofessional. I like the [i]industrial [/i]look of Blender...I just hope 
it's furture improvements continue to allow it to shine in an industrial 
manner (continuing to make use of the varying shades neutral grey's and 
blue's throughout the interface with lest colorful icons). There is a reason 
why sketchbooks are made of brown or off white paper instead of speckled 

Thanks again for your feedback.

Now give me some more :wink: .


P.S. If you do have more feedback then email a reply to the members of the 
board as well, in addition to posting a reply to my thread in the forum.