[Bf-funboard] U.I.

ph bf-funboard@blender.org
Wed, 23 Jul 2003 20:38:28 +0200

Hi Landis

Don't be too polite, or I start feeling like a bloodthirsty ogre ( :

  As long as the options remain options, I won't complain. Although I feel a
little bit sad that the so far compact Gui design will become less
straightforward (the more I think about it the more I adore the designers).
When I worked with two Monitors, I just pulled Blender over both and put a
column of small windows at the seam (and saved it with Ctrl-Ukey). I was
satisfied with that.

  Actually I am grateful that Blender didn't present a wellknown option.
Because it made me swallow and accept this different gui instead of changing
it to my Windows-contaminated habits.

  Of course I can only speak from my personal experience.

  The grayscaling is a good point. Or at least fading the colors a bit. On
the other hand, changing the brightness of the whole  button (like it does
now) may be more recognizable. I think redesigning the icons could also help
a bit (I feel like a blasphemer by saying that  ) .

  What definitely is not so nice is that the buttons of a small window must
be dragged and are not completely visible (made me mad when I first tried to
bevel something and confused meshname with objectname, because the
objectfield was nearly out of window).

  The industrial look of Blender is great. The Buttons have presence but
remain flat. Balanced contrast of slightly coloured buttons with black text
(aliased as small text should be). There's a video effect application called
Combustion with similar style. Again a big YAY to Ton and the other
responsible guys. Guilty of producing something great.

Actually instead of changing the gui, I'd like to improve my babycoding
abilities and start one or two other small gnu projects with Ghost.  Call me
an addict ( :