[Bf-funboard] Yafray workgroup

Daniel Johnsson bf-funboard@blender.org
Mon, 14 Jul 2003 10:54:00 +0200

It seems I haven't been loud enough about what I've been up to the last 
couple of weeks. (I'm a new member to the list!). Seems like I've coded 
quite a few of the things you've been discussing.
I've gotten around to a working result. I'll write a list further down. 
Anyways, I've put a page online on the subject. The page needs some 
work, I know ;)


Thought I'd let you know, and I'll hopefully be committing my code 
sometime this week. As of now, it's in a Tuhopuu cvs-download on my 

It exports:
 >meshes (subsurfs with the help of mesh_to_subsurf(), but that leaves 
unwanted things)
 >lamps (point, spot, sun + quite allright: soft and photon)
 >textures (image (with UVs), cloud, wood, marble)
 >antinoise, DoF
 >hemilight, pathlight

Right now, it takes the Pics-path and creates a directory at that location,
<pics_dir>still.xml (main xml)

// Daniel