[Bf-funboard] thoughts on yafray integration

hans pachet bf-funboard@blender.org
Thu, 10 Jul 2003 20:46:01 +0200

I have a few thoughts on the integration of yafray in blender. I think it's 
important for blender to have at least one well integrated raytracer like 
yafray. It would increase the quality of the works and it would make blender 
more attractive.

The ideal for me would be that you can change your project to a yafray 
project from the beginning. So for example there would be a toggle button 
somewhere which lets you choose between a blender or a yafray project. When 
you select the yafray option, only important things for yafray would appear 
in the interface.

Eg : When adding a new material in the material buttons, you would get a 
material window which lets you edit yafray shaders only, and not blender 
shaders. It would have IOR and reflection sliders,... and so on, and would 
let you choose between the generic or constant shader.

The same could be done in the lamp buttons and the render buttons.

Another problem would be that yafray uses an other data format for the 
meshes, which makes the long and painful proces of exporting necessary. 
Maybe this is a little naive and simplistic, but would it be possible to 
make yafray use the blender mesh data without having to convert somehow?

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