[Bf-funboard] More about constraints

Carlos López bf-funboard@blender.org
Thu, 10 Jul 2003 16:22:36 +0100

Hi all.
I've been thinking about space constraints (for the moment the only 'constraint'
concept we are talking about), and I see all this a bit limited. I mean, it's ok
that I want to get an object to be the same 'Y' coordinate as other, or have the same
orientation, either to locate it in the center between a pair of ones.

So I CAN'T put it "one unit beyond" than other, or perhaps give an equation (simple)
to follow in animation.

It follows me to python; we can add python 'property' to objects linking scripts,
but isn't it a like-constraint? Must it be placed in some order respect the
constraint list? If an object is constrained by two location modifiers, what is the
value of object.getLocation()? Why the last?

Hence, I suggest:
*At least, a sort of 'offset' for some kind of constrints, or discuss about
adicional parameters.
*Create a "python" constraint class, as the way as is in controller game bricks 

I hope not to scare you too much... :I