[Bf-funboard] ] constraints - Object Selection

Paul Lunneberg bf-funboard@blender.org
Thu, 10 Jul 2003 13:26:54 -0400

I would love to have some way that as Jonathan stated that you can select the
object instead of typing the name or also some sort of popup window that would
have a list of all the objects in a blend file and you can either select one or
more depending on the circumstances.

It would be great if lights could have lists of objects that it will affect or
not affect instead of by layer (since the number of layers is so few and the
number of objects in a scene can be quite large).

Paul Lunneberg

Quoting Jonathan Bartlett <johnnyb@eskimo.com>:

> I don't think dupliverts matters to this at all.  I think that dupliverts
> should be handled by
> Selecting the mesh
> Going to AnimButtons
> Have an Ob field in there
> Have the user type in what object they want to duplicate over their
> vertices
> Now, this leads to the good thing about parenting - it's easy to use with
> a GUI - you don't have to know object names.  Perhaps the Ob field needs a
> little graphical help, so you can select your object instead of typing in
> it's name.