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Ton Roosendaal bf-funboard@blender.org
Fri, 11 Jul 2003 11:10:08 +0200


There are two extra selection ways already:

- DataSelect (shift F4)
   rightmouse select name, selects object
   leftmouse select name, activates+selects objects

- OopsWindow (shift f9)
   rightmouse select block, selects object
   ctrl+rightmouse select block, activates object

This is not 'consistant'... :-)
We should look into that.


On Thursday, Jul 10, 2003, at 19:26 Europe/Amsterdam, Paul Lunneberg  

> I would love to have some way that as Jonathan stated that you can  
> select the
> object instead of typing the name or also some sort of popup window  
> that would
> have a list of all the objects in a blend file and you can either  
> select one or
> more depending on the circumstances.
> It would be great if lights could have lists of objects that it will  
> affect or
> not affect instead of by layer (since the number of layers is so few  
> and the
> number of objects in a scene can be quite large).
> Paul Lunneberg
> Quoting Jonathan Bartlett <johnnyb@eskimo.com>:
>> I don't think dupliverts matters to this at all.  I think that  
>> dupliverts
>> should be handled by
>> Selecting the mesh
>> Going to AnimButtons
>> Have an Ob field in there
>> Have the user type in what object they want to duplicate over their
>> vertices
>> Now, this leads to the good thing about parenting - it's easy to use  
>> with
>> a GUI - you don't have to know object names.  Perhaps the Ob field  
>> needs a
>> little graphical help, so you can select your object instead of  
>> typing in
>> it's name.
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