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Matt Ebb bf-funboard@blender.org
Wed, 9 Jul 2003 02:18:58 +1000

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From: "Jean Montambeault" <coussin@videotron.ca>

> You really can't figure out that naming with the same name two things
> that have such different effects would be confusing ?
> I don't believe it, I have a better opinion than that of you ; in any
> case I gave you as plain an explanation as I can imagine.

Just trying to understand any potential problems, but I'm having difficulty
seeing it from your point of view (which is what I want to understand). Is
the problem with the functionality? With the naming? What two things would
be named with the same name? I'm

> I suspect that all constraint would rest on a closely related set of
> algorithms. Yet they will have radically different effects. If we could
> classify them according to what the user can expect from them, rather
> than what they are in the program...

I thought they would be classified according to what the user expects, for

Copy Location
Track To
(suggested) 'Inherit Location'
(suggested) 'Duplicate at Vertices'

To me, those individual names describe it quite well, even though they are
different processes.

Please don't interpret any of this as aggravation - it certainly isn't.
We're all trying to understand each other's points of view here.