[Bf-funboard] ] constraints

Jean Montambeault bf-funboard@blender.org
Tue, 08 Jul 2003 11:49:59 -0400

Matt Ebb wrote:

>How do you see the naming as being a problem? To me, as a user (I don't know
>anything about the internals of calculation constraints etc.)
BTW, that doesn't mean that you are not working toward an algorithm : 
you are.

> the word
>'constraint' means to me a relationship that influences or limits things.
>Something is always constrained to something else.

You really can't figure out that naming with the same name two things 
that have such different effects would be confusing ?
I don't believe it, I have a better opinion than that of you ; in any 
case I gave you as plain an explanation as I can imagine.

>Link Ton said, would this problem be solved by re-naming 'constraints' to
>something like 'relationships' or 'influences'?
As I said : no. 'Constraint' is still the better choice but properly 
qualified to describe the use and effect to be expected.

>Could you explain the problems you see in terms of the end-user interface? I
>dont' really understand..
I suspect that all constraint would rest on a closely related set of 
algorithms. Yet they will have radically different effects. If we could 
classify them according to what the user can expect from them, rather 
than what they are in the program...

Just that.