[Bf-funboard] "Keep Hidden" and "Make Pose Real" feature suggestion

Jean Montambeault bf-funboard@blender.org
Mon, 07 Jul 2003 06:23:58 -0400

malefico andauer wrote:

>Hi, I would like to make a couple of feature
>suggestions I have already commented with Hos.
>First, very simple (I think): a "Keep Hidden" button

I wish we'd make an effort to keep to Blender it's simplicity or even 
enhance it if possible. It already is button'n'shortcuts ridden as it is.
Most of the workload you talk about could be avoided by simply making 
your selection a named vertex group.
Better stil would be a hidden line mode.

>Second, maybe not so simple but who knows...: a "Make
>Pose Real" key combination that do the following:
>creates a new mesh with the exact pose a rigged mesh
>is posing. Think about it like a "Make Duplis Real"
>sort of thing.

Here again, a simpler solution could be found by making a shift+Dkey 
copy and alt+Pkey > clear parents and keep transform... if only the 
'keep transform' wouldn't apply to the armature alone ; why not the 
child as usual BTW ?

>Well what do you think ?

I think that both would be wonderful functionalities but I don't believe 
that, if we build the button the button lovers will come (or maybe I am 
afraid that they would). Blender requires a lot of lateral thinking, to 
quote Broken, and people who are able of it and like the freedom for 
creativity it gives come to Blender. The Mayans and other Maxians won't 
exchange their 'well polished' (I hate Maya's interface or rather lack 
of) replica of a fifties american car dashboard (praying, praying, praying).