[Bf-funboard] Features for testing and critics

Fabrizio Cali bf-funboard@blender.org
Wed, 27 Aug 2003 0:40:43 +0200

Hi Martin,

Two bugs!

1) Rotation is broken when I click the MMB! :o(

2) Copy Location isn't working right either! Without space on, the
constraint is inversed! (Which would be cool if it was optional *wink*
wink* ;o) )

I'm still trying to understand the space option! I can be a bit slow

I didn't come across any other problems so far! :o)

Feature suggestion for the numerical imput: Pressing eg  SHIFTTAB
displays absolute (world) values. And entering a value in this mode
inserts an absolute location. Would be handy when editing single vertices 
in edit mode for cad work. Its much MUCH faster than pressing NKEY - and
that gives local, not global, location anyway! possible? Anybody else
think it would be useful?

> > The cursor should be moveable with
> > arrowkeys. Increasing
> > or decreasing the value in small steps with
> > arrowkeys (the function 
> > they have now) is'nt needed with numerical entry.
> It isn't needed for numerical entry, but that doesn't
> make it unusable either. Numerical entry is build on
> top of transformation modes, that means that both
> coexists as one and one shouldn't render the other
> useless IMHO.
I agree. IMO I think arrowkeys should remain as is.

> > Axis constraining: I would love to see some kind of
> > a hint right in 
> > the 3d-view of which constraint is active. I find
> > myself to often 
> > clicking middle-mouse button and wiggling the mouse
> > until I get it 
> > right. Maybe some simple arrows would do.
That would be useful. Maybe an infinate dotted line running in the
direction of the constarint? Would look like a constraining 'track'.

> It's much clearer if you use the feature I
> implemented. Pressing X, Y or Z once to constraint to
> a global axis, twice for a local axis (just like
> rotate works).
Yes, but unless you switch on the axis display for the object you don't
know which is the X,Y or Z axis until you actually move, rot etc! So
visual feedback would be helpful. (Arrows or the dotted 'track').

Gizmos have been mentioned in other posts. So they might be something to
also keep in mind at this point!

Still, Brilliant stuff! Can't wait to see it all in the Bf-tree! :o)

Regarding the Constraints, could it be possible to specify which axis are 
referenced in the Copy Rotation Constraint just like in the CopyLoc



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