[Bf-funboard] Animation Playback controls

bf-funboard@blender.org bf-funboard@blender.org
Sun, 10 Aug 2003 11:01:16 +0200


Since doing the mock-up I've been having some thoughts on how this could
be improved.
I would suggest avoid using different color keys.
Instead have a menu (which would fit well into Matt's menu proposal no 2
layout) and from this menu you can select which are the keyframes that
one can see in the slider. So in the menu you can have Object, RVK, VK,
Material, Texture Ch1, 2 3 etc. possible even add abstract things like
World, layer etc. The tooltips over keys would now only need to display
the value of that key. Keyframes of only one set could be displayed at a
time (for more details open the ipo editor!). This would avoid
overlapping keys of different types which you might want to control seperatly!
The main con is which viewport does the playback buttons affect?
This is the same problem Broken's menu proposal-1 would have.
[b]Solution:[/b] One possible solution, which would avoid the
intermediate activate-viewport mode, would be to place a toggle on/off
button in all the viewports.  By default this is switched on in the 3D
viewport but not in the rest. playback only affects the viewports that
have this button toggled on. this would avoid the constant need to
physically activate a viewport everytime, and the workflow would continue 
as it is at the moment with no new modes! :D
Very often you would want to see your animation in a specific 3D viewport 
so you toggle that on (or the rest off) and wouldn't need to change
anything most of the time. Everytime you press play only THAT viewport/s play.
I think this is a useful solution for playback system and would work with 
Matt's menu proposal 2.
When you want to play all viewports you can use button 20 on the playback 
toolbar or use the current ALT-SHIFT-A. No need to stay toggling all the
witches in all the viewports!
So is it feasable?  :? 
Anyone thinks such controls wouldn't be useful?
How feasable are the drop markers!! ? :o)

ps. I too like Matt's proposal no. 2 best. Most of the buttons could be
removed. Once you learn the hotkeys you don't need them anyway! So we'll
menu's to learn and use for refernce and then use hotkeys! Buttons which
might remain useful are those for the zoom, layers, maximise, home etc)

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