[Bf-education] looking for help designing curriculum with fashion design

John Nix jnix at corning-cc.edu
Sun Jun 18 00:46:46 CEST 2017

Hello Mr. Wolfe

     My name is John Nix and I a currently a student at The University of
Advancing Technology for game art and Animation, I started with blender and
sense have moved on to other programs sponsored by my school. I still do
some work with blender and was curious to what this job would in tell, you
tube Videos? on the modeling of character, clothes, and runway, then the uv
mapping, and finally texturing the character clothes,runway scene along
with animating the characters down the runway with lights and am-bionic
sounds of the crowd and camera flashes? I am interested I can be reached at
Home: (864)401-8557/ Cell: (607)398-1499 this e-mail or johnix at uat.edu, or
redwolf08830 at gmail.com/ wolfgraphics088 at gmail.com

On Thu, Jun 1, 2017 at 1:20 AM, Sean Felipe Wolfe <stjohnskid at gmail.com>

> Hello Blender friends!
> I am interested in developing a program to teach Blender with a fashion
> theme. Students would learn to make a character model, rig the character,
> and add clothes. Perhaps even make a runway, lighting, and do an animated
> fashion show.
> Has anyone heard of such an idea?
> I could potentially provide some seed money, we could do a prototype and
> put it on kickstarter to get more complete development funding.
> Any thoughts or advice please let me know. Thanks!
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