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Monique m.dewanchand at atmind.nl
Wed Aug 12 20:54:18 CEST 2015

Hello Ebi,

Nice to read that you want to cooperate!
The idea is to have an open platform, meaning that people in the b3d 
community can contribute tutorials for kids (with your name etc.). These 
tutorials can be used by schools, teachers, parents or other b3d members 
to educate kids, or by kids to educate themselves.
An open learning plarform.

What I have noticed is that kids want to start with a story. I'm curious 
to what your experiences are.
Continuation is also important.

Out of curiosity, have you ever tried projection painting instead of 

And how do you want to contribute to this?

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Op 11/08/15 om 21:33 schreef eberhard noack:
> Hi monique,
> I teach  Blender workshops for kids( aged12 between15)as well.
> first the kids learn something about differences of  3d projection( i.e. Orthographic and perspective ).
> the next step is modeling some simple object like a house or a (simple car).The most problems what the kids have  during the learning process is the part of UV Mapping/ Texturing in Blender, because a little bit too abstract for them.
> But they like all the ways of animation.
> Monique, think it is a good Idea to create an internet platform especial for kids and would cooperate with you
> Kind regards
> Ebi noack from cologne(germany)
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