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Hi Monique,

I won't be able to contribute regularly but maybe I can give some 

Antoine de Saint-Exupery is quoted: "If you want to build a ship, don't 
drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but 
rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea."

I experience the deep truth in that in our teamwork, in business and in 
everything regarding blender.

If you give the kids a (team) task, a project of appropriate difficulty 
that they can create with blender
and they are enthusiastic about it, they will learn the technical 
details with ease because they want to achieve it.

Let's say you let them create an animated shortfilm of one minute.
They need to come up with a story, plan the making,
need to learn how to model, how to rig, how to animate, (to composite), 
to render
and to combine it and maybe cut it in the Video sequence editor.
They will probably be very proud when they upload it to youtube.

I think, if you create lessons about how to do every part of the project,
they probably will suck it up quickly and surprise you with something more.

Maybe an additional kids-movie-competition on top of that might fuel 
interest even more.

 From what I have seen so far written tutorials are good as well as well 
done video tutorials
that concentrate on the essence of the tasks.

Not really for kids, but really great are the blender tutorials 
(artisticly written and also video tutorials) of

Compare them to many other blender tutorials and you will see the 

So far for my thoughts.

Kind regards and all the best for your creation!

P.S. Please keep us informed of your progress and the site we later can 
find the stuff.
My son is four years now. I would be glad if he could start with this at 
6  or 7 :-)

On 11.08.2015 20:32, Monique wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Past months I've been asked to give Blender workshops to kids between 8
> and 16 years old. I searched for Blender teaching material but couldn't
> find much. I decided to use some simple models from Blendswap and hide
> the majority of buttons in the UI. Surprisingly this worked better than
> expected.
> The kids were very enthusiastic and could perform the tasks pretty well.
> At the end I was asked how kids could continu learning Blender.
> This motivated me to start an open website/platform in NL to teach kids
> more on technology, especially Blender & Python. But what is a good
> format for teaching Blender to kids?
> Can we teach Blender to kids in a same manner as kids are thaught math
> or grammar?
> Are there tutorials or program lessons available for kids?
> Is anyone working on this and willing to cooperate?
> Kind regards,
> Monique Dewanchand
> At Mind
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