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Hello Ethan ,

Making the translation is something simple to do. really . However , I do 
not think I explained properly.

see , this week , tomorrow and Friday , I will be defending the technical 
course for high school modeling in 3D at a seminar on education.

the end of the seminar , there will be the annals of publishing the article 
I posted about the first experiences of the given course. This is an 
academic experience and the result is the article which will be inserted in 
the annals of the seminar and published soon after .

I'll post the link here on the list and the list of you here who wants to 
submit a job with experience in another seminar , congress , etc. , would 
have this experience with my education in high school , talk to me I would 
submit , would translating their language , present the work as co -author 
( of the article) in partnership and all eventually winning, because we 
would be increasing the number of people who know Blender around the world .

I speak specifically of the academic mode due to broadcast the same behind 
the contemporary world, for translating publications into other languages 
is easy , including the commercial means of language which is English ( as 
in the last blender conference) , and there are thousands of tutorials that 
can be repeated and understood in other languages ​​, but universities 
disclose the existence of a good program like blender is becoming more 
essential day.

" because we love Blender "



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Let?s recall that there used to be a short time that BlenderNation collected 
many people around the world to help translating the news in BN. It is 
interesting to see many news have been marked with Germany, Spanish, French, 
Chinese etc various languages. But later the plug-in for the separate page 
reading popped out some issues cause Bart had to stop the global translation 
for BN news. It is sad and I still hope to see this kind of information 
share without language gap could happen. Because it is not easy for some 
people like from China to understand these English article or video 
tutorials. But after that the localization handled over back to be the job 
of local community.

If you have write an article for BGE or Cycles anything. I would be happy to 
help translating it into Chinese to help to post it in China. But just as 
you said, the problem is you have already posted/translated lots of articles 
in different language but I don?t know! So maybe the academy as you proposed 
could be a post-submit notification platform or just this mail list.

If anyone finished an article or video tutorials and published under cc-by, 
I suggest author post it to here with link and your authorization. I would 
be glad to help do the Chinese translation and repost it with your original 
link callback. Meanwhile I also hope to see other people who came from 
German, France, Japan or Spanish to help to the translation for the same and 
reply the various language page link back. That may could be the most easy 
academy for Blender. If anyone could suggest a better way like a web site 
map which in technology side I have no idea would be much awesome!

???/Ethan Luo
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? 2014?4?23??19:58?Riccardo <chionatan at gmail.com> ???

> I was wondering if some group of trainers, educators,etc., would like to 
> create a short series of lessons on the usage of blender basic functions.
> I've seen sprouting, all over the web, sites about online lectures. I 
> think, as I'm now a graduate students, that web contents could be the best 
> chances to be interesting and effective on other students, educators, or 
> non professional targets in general.
> Bests
> Riccardo Buscicchio
> 2014-04-23 13:30 GMT+02:00 Luiz Antonio <lulaborges at hotmail.com.br>:
> My idea is about Blender to be more knowing in academy around the world, 
> nothing in technology, but also education, that many theory in education 
> been made, but less Activity.
> creating a web of articles in many languages, coautoring the creator of 
> article and him translater in various language.
> Example: I made an article about my xperiences with blender in high 
> school, in Natal/Brazil.
> Marcelo, that know more english, spanish, french, whatever, and 
> portuguese, translate the article in any language, being him a co-author 
> and as me, try to publish in any country, that him live.
> as robert can make an article about blender, BGE, render, etc etc, and 
> education, technology, i ranslate to portuguese, being me an co-author, as 
> another us translate to another language, him being co-author in especific 
> academic journal.
> maybe I am asking nosense, but can be a good way to do blender more 
> expansive in education and technology, especialy to the future of 
> education in the world.
> hugs, sorry any mistake,
> Lula Borges
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