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Marcelo V mv_email at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 22 23:48:55 CEST 2014

Hello All,

It is already known that Blender has an embedded game engine for desktops.

However, I just wanted to share with you (teachers and instructors) that my experience in using Blander for developing a mobile game was very straight forward. As Lula mentioned it seems that some professionals in education have their minds already made up towards some specific tools; For example... if the subject is games they automatically associate 3DMax and Unity without further considerations.

Gaminandes (my game) were 100% developed using Blender, GIMP and gameplay3d engine:

A gameplay3d user named Ithai started developing a Blender Viewer Addon for GP and myself and others jumped in to improve it further. For more details check out the Addon thread at:


Gaminades, as an example of Blender+GP, runs in all popular mobile and desktop platforms.
In case you want to check Gaminandes out you can download it for free for BlackBerry, Android, Windows and Mac from:


BTW... you are welcome to join gameplay3d community and help improving the Blender addon.

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